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[ Lineup ] f2p edo,roshi,kushina,killer bee jinju


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Hello guys, i'm currently playing this game for 2 months and a half and i'm pure f2p player. first i just want to share my achievement so far s a newbie of having this three beautiful jinju's in my team in just 2 months and a half of saving coupons ( 80 frags of edo roshi is from fireworks nad 45frags of killer bee jinju) i can't imagine them having in my line up for i'm just a f2p :') but yeah. Here's my Good problem now. Is this three Sync together? or their should be only one main that can go 1 on 1 on the end and one act as a support? and what main should i use ? please help. take note i'm a f2p so i have no expensive ninjas. please help me with this guys. thank you so much <3 love lots. (server 1565)


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If you breakthrough all of them they are also good at higher powers

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You literally are running a meta lmao just use ninjutsu urge when u get it (u probably have by now) for leech

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i have the same lineup but with kushina BT

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To be honest, it isn't exactly the best lineup without any bt...... but considering your level it'll work out just fine. Fire main seems to be the best or you could also go with the lightning main for more leech. Try using konoha proxy for making new lineups.

BTW congrats on those ninjas...keep working hard!

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