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No server merge nor fuku deals tomorrow week, wtf?

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And can I get a legit answer? Not something like post a merge request in the news section.

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Fukurokumaru's Deals are being rotated through cycles and it happens that the cycle was changed due to previous cycles during the Anniversary Celebration. Now, this incoming cycle has Naruto's Froggy which means Fukurokumaru's Deal Event will come next cycle. You may always suggest or request it by participating in our New Event Feedback Surveys in the News Section or by sending a suggestion in the Bugs and Support Section.

Now for the Server Merges, it will time for a server to get merged. Investigations and verification of details from the Server Merge Request thread should take place first and evaluations afterward. Please be patient for now and if you haven't made any request yet, please visit our News Section and look for the latest Server Merge Request thread.

Thank you.

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