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[ Events ] Event Cycle 13th Augus


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Dear Ninja,

We would like to thank you all for your support! Below you can check this week's coming updates, which will be coming on 08/13/20! Please, have a look below to check the new events!

New Ninja addded Karin [Taka Squad]

Weekly Strong Ninja

Kushina [Christmas]


Minato Namikaze[Edo Tensei]

New Ninja Collection System added

Equipment Upgrade to Ningendo Level

1."Infinite Tsukuyomi Special Rebate" added.

Want your money to be valuable? Then, it's now time to recharge! The more ingots you recharge, the more valuable rebates you can get!

Period: Aug 13th-Oct 14th


a) Players must reach Level 30 in order to participate.

How To:

During the event, players who recharge the required amount of Ingots can get different rewards as rebate. The Ingots recharged will be ac*ulated during the event.Strong Ninjas await you!

2."Konoha's Special Sale"added.

Daily single recharge exceeds the specified amount, you will get exclusive rewards!

Period: Aug 13th-Aug 19th

How To:

.Every day have a single recharge more than 2500 ingots to claim good rewards. b) Recharge 5 days during the events, you will get better and better rewards.

c) During the event, use Ingots to buy packs and other items to get Lucky Points.

d) Lucky Points will influence your rate of being a winner in the Lucky Draw. Every 0:00 AM (server time), Lucky Points will be emptied and the system will choose 7 winners, the more your Lucky Points, the higher the chances of being one of the winners in Lucky Draw.

3."Platinum Recharge" added.

Get neat items and ninja by continuously recharging! The more you recharge, the more you can obtain!

Period: Aug 13th-Aug 19th

How To:

1. Recharge a given amount of Ingots every day to claim prizes (last 4 days)! Prizes can be claimed once daily.

2. Recharge that same amount for given number of days (as long as recharge six days during event period) to claim extra rewards! Prizes can be claimed once during event period.

3. This event refreshes every day at 00:00 (server time).

Powerful Item Optional Pack V

You can select one of the following items:

Cave Key*80

Charm Material Pack*8

Tranining Potion*100

Secret Scroll Optional Pack*5

New Refine Optional Pack*8

4."Break Golden Eggs" added.

Super value rewards in every golden eggs, recharge and get a hammer! Break golden eggs to see what you can get!

Period: Aug 16th-Aug 19th


Players must reach Level 11 in order to participate.

How To:

a)Recharge 50 ingots can obtain 1 hammer. Limit of 50 Hammers daily. (50 ingots should be recharged on the same day, if split recharge in different days, you cannot get a hammer.)

b)Consume a hammer and 20 ingots/coupons to break a Golden Egg. Hammer won’t be refreshed daily.

c) Rewards in Golden Eggs random drop:

Myoboku’s Optional Pack*8,

Cave Key*7,

Secrect Scroll Pack*2

Training Potion*7

New Refine Optional Pack*1

Advanced Experimental Protect Vial*2

Obito[Ten-tails Jinchuriki]*80 Madara Uchiha [Ten-tails Jinchuriki]*1

5."Colored Banner Gift" added.

Obtain Awesome Items by Spending Ingots/Coupons in the Souvenir Store and win the Colored Banner Competition!

Period: Aug 13th-Aug 19th


Players must reach Level 30 in order to participation

How to:

1. During the event, purchases made in the Souvenir Store create contribution, increasing your groups banner height; Ac*ulated spending of 100 Ingots/Coupons can increase the height of by0.01 meter.

2. When a group’s banner height reaches a certain level, all members of the group can claim a reward. Each reward can only be claimed once per user.

3. At the Settlement, all members of the top 3 groups banner height will obtain extra reward.

4. Ranking Settlement time: 8/19 23:59:59; when the settlement time ends you won't be able to participate in the event, and the ranking rewards will be send by mail.

Reward Claim Deadline:8/20 23:59:59; please claim your reward on time.

5. The player who doesn’t has a group can purchase in the Souvenir Store but the contribution height won't be retained; to avoid contribution height been reset to 0, we suggest you to don't leave the group during the event; at the rewards settlement if there's no group you won't get the rewards.

6."Colorful Balloons" event added.

The skill of using Shuriken is one the basic skills of ninjas. Use your Shuriken to pop up balloons and get points! Rewards await you!

Period: Aug 13th-Aug 19th


Players must reach Level 30 in order to participate.

How To:

a) During the event, Players can get points by popping up the balloons with Shuriken. Complete Daily Missions to have a chance to obtain 1 to 3 Shuriken. You can obtain a maximum of 11 free Shuriken daily. Each time you spend 10 Ingots in the game, you will also get 1 Shuriken.

b) You can get 4 to 10 points randomly by popping the balloons with your Shuriken. Some balloons are hiding fireworks inside them, pop a balloon which has fireworks inside to obtain even more points.

c) There will be a maximum of 10 balloons displayed to be popped up. After popping up every balloon available, new balloons will appear. Consume Shuriken*10 to use "Boundless Shuriken" skill, it will pop up all the balloons available.

7."Missions General Mobilization" added.

Look for the Mission Dealer to receive missions. Finish a mission yourself or give it to a friend to complete to get Mission Points!

Period: Aug 13th-Aug 19th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 30 in order to participate.

How To:

a) In Hot Topics, go to the “Missions General Mobilization” event. In the bottom part of the event’s interface, click in “Mission Dealer” (underlined and colored in orange) to open the World Map. The lo

b) cation of the Mission Dealer will be marked with a scroll. Your character will automatically run to the Mission Dealer’s location if your click the Scroll that appears in the Map.

b) The Mission Dealer can randomly appear within 3 different locations on the Map. Players need to find it by themselves, and then click it to get at most 5 missions at a time (can click Mission Dealer more than once while it is in the same location). Missions can be completed by yourself or be given to your friends. Each player can get and complete in total 10 missions per day. If you’re not satisfied with the missions you obtained, you can spend 5.000 Coins to cancel a specific mission, look for the Mission Dealer again to get new missions for you or your friends to complete.

c) Players will get 5 points after completing a mission. Get an additional Missions Gift Box when you complete a mission gifted by a friend. The additional gift pack contains 10 points and some random items. Missions Gift Box is sold in the Purchase Limit Shop as well. Once the event ends, all Missions Gift Boxes in your Inventory will be reset to 0. Remember to use them on time!

8."Konoha's Great Tree" added.

Watch your tree and your server's World Tree grow and get Fortune Coins! Get to the Fortune Shop and exchange them!

Period: Aug 13th-Aug 19th

How to:

a) Konoha's Great Tree has an icon in the main HUD; players can click the icon to enter this event.

b) Players can obtain Dew Drops by clearing trials in Survival Trial, participating in the Arena or clearing Team Instances. Buying Daily Packs will also earn players Dew Drops.

c) Bless the Lucky Tree using Dew Drops, Coupons or Ingots to obtain Points and Items or Fortune Coins from the Lucky Tree. Points and Fortune Coins can be redeemed in different shops in the event, both can be found in the event’s interface.

d) The Lucky Tree will level up when a given amount of Points is reached.

e) All players from a given same server can obtain items from the World Tree. Its level is related to the amount of Points of all Players from a single server.

f) Remember to use Dew Drops, Fortune Coins and Konoha’s Great Tree Points before the deadline of the events (which is according to the computers’ time) or it will be reset to 0.

9."Wheel of Fortune" added.

Obtain strong ninja, scrolls and essences by spinning the wheel daily, 100% wins!

Period: Aug 13th-Aug 19th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 25 in order to participate.

How to:

a) During the event, players can spin the wheel once for free every 24 hours. Each spin has a guaranteed reward from the wheel!

b)Players c*so buy Lucky Voucher in the Shop to get more rewards. Lucky Voucher can be bought with Ingots and Coupons. Mysterious Strong Ninjas await you! Daily limit: 1000 times. (Free draws will not be ac*ulated)

c) "Lucky Voucher" bought for this week's events need to be used this week, once the event ends, the "Lucky Voucher” you didn't use will be reset to 0.

d) Spin Once = 1 Point, get fixed rewards by getting a given amount of Points! After event ends, the TOP 10 players of this event will get more rewards (this Ranking is not a Cross-Server Ranking).

1st: Treasured Tools Ultimate Essence;

2nd-3rd: Lucky Key Gift Pack*2

4th-10th:Advanced Refiney Pack*3

e) Once the event ends, rewards for your Ranking can be acquired by refreshing the game or waiting for 1 hour after the event ends.

10."Treasure of the Sage" added. What are the valuables inside the treasure? Use your key to open the gate of surprises!

Period: Aug 13th-Aug 19th

How to:

a) Complete Plot/Elite Instances to get Sage’s Key, you can get a maximum of 5 free Sage’s Key daily. The Sage’s Key can be bought in the Time-Limited Shop as well. "Sage's Key" obtained for this week's events need to be spent this week, once the events end, the "Sage's Key" you didn't spend will reset to 0.

b) Use Sage’s Key to open the Treasure of the Sage, when you open it, you will receive random rewards.

c) After opening the treasure, 4 random items will appear with different discounts. By refreshing, you can get different items and different discounts. Also, you can get random rewards by refreshing the valuables in the treasure.

d) The maximum discount obtainable is of 50%!

11."Naruto's Froggy" added.

Get an immediate rebate in Coupons after making a deposit! Claim other rewards every day for 6 days! A total of 7 days of fortune!

Period: Aug 13th-Aug 19th

How To:

a) During Aug 13th-Aug 19th, use ingots to make a deposit can get coupons rebate immediately and after the first day player can claim Item Packs during 7 days!

b) Players can make deposits into different Froggies! The higher ingots you deposit the higher rewards you can obtain.

c) If players don’t claim the rewards in time, they will expire!

12."Refining Rebate" added.

Refining equipment will get you refining materials and other valuable rewards. Power up and get rebates at the same time!

Period: Aug 13th-Aug 19th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 40 in order to participate.

How to:

a) Players can get rewards when refining times reach the requirement.

b) This event's Refining Rebate will not provide additional Wish Credit.

13. "Limited Refinement" added.

Get extra Wish Credits and improve your Power level by Refining your Equipment!

Period: Aug 13th-Aug 19th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 40 in order to participate.

How To:

a) Players c*e Refine Runes to upgrade their equipment in Refine Equipment (Strengthen interface). Every time you level up your equipment to a new Refine level, you’ll receive free time-limited Wish Credits.

b) Free time-limited Wish Credits will expire when the event ends

14."Cultivation Limited Rebate" added.

Participate in five nature Chakra training. Great rebates are on their way.

Period: Aug 13th-Aug 19th


Players must reach Level 54 in order to participate.

How To:

a) Rewards can be claimed after reaching the required requirements.

b) Cultivation times will not be counted after using cultivation scrolls.

Remark: Only Cultivation through coupons/ingots can be counted.

15."Sakura Festival" added, complete Daily Missions and receive free prizes for doing so! Strengthen your ninja!

Period: Aug 13th-Aug 19th


Players must reach Level 30 in order to participate.

How To:

Clear 1 of the Daily Missions to get 1 Wish, you can get a maximum of 5 Wishes daily. Using up 1 Wish will give the player a chance to get a random reward and to trigger the “Sakura Blessing” (a special cute animation that can be activated in this event!). Wish you all the best!

16. New packs are available in the "Purchase Limit" shop interface! Have a look at the new packs, don't miss this chance.

17. Last but not least, the "Hammer", "Dew Drop", "Fortune Coin", "Lucky Voucher", "Sage's Key", "Mission Box" obtained for this week's events need to be spent this week. Once the events end, the "Hammer", "Dew Drop", "Fortune Coin", "Lucky Voucher", "Sage's Key", "Mission Box" will be reset to 0. Please remember to use them in time!

Remark: The deadline of the New Server Events and Weekly Events are set according to the players' local time (computer's time), not the server time. Daily Missions and Daily Recharge event (event in which you can get a 4-Stars Gaara if recharging for 5 days) are all refreshed at 5:00 (server time). Don't miss out!

All information present in the game is the final and correct information.

Thank you for all your support to us,

Naruto Online Operation Team

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Handsome guy in S1042. enjoy your new week.

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again good week but no fuku !

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Some good events but wont spend since ther's no fuku

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pls add fuku 25k and 45k,

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7# They are already complaining to you in FB and i hope more players complain in the forum as well.

It's a mistake to don't add fuku rebate into this week because next week there will be nothing worth of spending, just great plates maybe.
You could add fuku and make it two weeks long like the previous one, I really don't understand why adding konoha tree after two weeks (when is usually divided in 3 week waits) but you don't add fuku along with it. It's okay to make mistakes but you NEVER make any of yours right, please listen for freaking once.

By the way, Shisui Kimono BT? Hidan bond skill? Sasuke susano bond skill? Madara great war bt? Kisame Shark BT? When? You're releasing content that was implemented AFTER these things and yet you don't deliver those other stuff when you're perfectly able of doing it. Nobody asks you to update everything at once but at least ONE each week or couple weeks should be done.

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Bad week without Fuku to spend on. Some f2play stuff which is fine and guess where Karin will be, guys. 99.9% in Infinite Tsukuyomi Special Rebate. Yet another ninja who will be exclusive to whales only. Thanks.

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Where is Fukurokumaru ? Alaways come with Naruto`s frog . I am sad

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  • lockwoodfor On 2020-08-12 20:51:50
  • Where is Fukurokumaru ? Alaways come with Naruto`s frog . I am sad

Nothing to spend on this week even if they added it. 1 Konoha tree event? Great.
Next week should be plates and lucky wheel again prob.

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No fuku rebate ??? WTF spend on next week ??? DEV team doesnt even play their game LOL

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New Ninja Collection System added

What is that?

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  • Bogotor On 2020-08-12 20:58:29
  • New Ninja Collection System added

    What is that?

Gives power for number of ninja stars you have if I remember correctly.

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you better add Fuku deals guys, even if 45k cps one, week after would be no events remaining to spend coupons at except Great Plates, like WTF I got all the ninjas that are at great plates packs already.

I wont spend coupons again at great plates to get itachi edo, or sasuke Rinne Frags i have them both at 5 stars, what the hell??????????????????????????????????

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tomorrow`s events r good but we need fuku with it, so tree or wheel of fortune can come in handy, or even missions.
but week after where to spend on???????? Plates? for real
plz reconsider adding Fuku this week even if 2 Fuku straight after each others, or Full 45K cps. i dont mind i can cover both :)

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Hasn't fuku always been after Froggy? So much rage lel

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On 2020-08-12 21:16:37Show this Author Only

dont tell me that karin taka in Infinite tsukuyomi, she cost 2400 ingot in CN lol

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  • bobsalot On 2020-08-12 21:07:40
  • Hasn't fuku always been after Froggy? So much rage lel

Alright now I ask you: Is there a problem releasing frog and fuku at the same time? We've had several fuku rebates lasting two weeks, for example the previous one.

Konoha tree is also always been inside fukurokumaru week and I don't see you complaining about that.
Did you even stop a second to think about next week's event rotation? Can you tell me what will the players spend their coupons in if konoha tree, missions and sage treasure won't be inside that week? We're only going to have great plates and maybe lucky wheels, not really the best options to spend big amounts of coupons if what you're looking for is power, for example.

When the game doesn't progress and nothing changes at all we have to thank players like you, that instead of looking around and seeing that many players got a point you just go against the current just because. Ty for making the work extra hard for us mate, then when actually achieve something good for the community come to benefit from it. Sigh.

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Add fuku deals pls! this is the most perfect time to use em! without them fuku! this week will be USELESS for us f2p's only p2w's are the only one's that can benefit from this. PLS ADD FUKU.

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