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[ Suggestions ] Fuku deals 13/08 is common sense


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Good morning, so basically on the 13/08 event rotation week we have konoha tree, missions and sage treasure, all of those are usually in fukurokumaru week because they're very good combo to spend while it's active. Basically i invite you mods to check the events of two weeks ago, we had konoha tree right? And we had fuku deals right? Okay, so don't put one without the other.

You're not adding fukurokumaru rebate in this week's rotation and that's a major problem for those who want to spend on next fuku. Why? Simple, can you please tell me what are the players suppossed to spend their 25k+ CP in during the fuku week? They won't have tree, won't have missions or sage treasure. What are they gonna have just great plates? It's not a good decission.

Please make fuku rebate start on this 13/08 event rotation, you could even make it last two weeks to still reach the great plates event rotation. That shouldn't be a problem at all cause the previous fuku lasted two weeks too. Please listen to common sense, thank you.

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Hello, thank you for your suggestion, it has been passed along.

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Fuku is on a longer rotation than the other events, for just the reason that it doesn't show up with the same events every time. And this is a good thing. Basically, most all events return 3 weeks after they END, so events that last 2 weeks will not show up again with the same events that last only last 1 week. Making Fuku too regular would means they would nerf the rewards event more.

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Made too good of deals a month ago. Now they nerf for no reason? If you set a precedent, you should follow it in the rewards structure. Otherwise you create mad customers for no reason.

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Or what about making next Fuku 2 weeks one and giving us good spending week on one of those weeks? Giving us next weeks events again a lot earlier would be one way to do it (meaning 2nd fuku week). Just giving a way to make everyone happy, if anybody's listening.

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can some1 listen to this guy PLS ???

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Once the events are decided and implemented it cannot be changed no matter what.

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