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[ Help ] was the recruit treasure function modified?


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Greetings, normally shouldn't we get 10 frags when we repull 2* ninja and 20 frags when we repull a 3* ninja (being non super rare in both cases)......what's this? at the beginning of the current events cycle i noticed a new icon added below in the same way new features are added...was called "crazy rebates", but not matter where i look for it i can't find it, also didn't see anything mentioned about this in news thread, any one know anything? FYI my kankuro gnw is 4* and i didn't get the regular 10frags i think...also i use mini client, thanks in advance.

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We would like to know is this just a visual bug and do we keep getting same amount of frags from ninjas we already have. This started at last thursday, after maintenance was over. I would have made similar post, but I didn't take screenshot then and haven't gotten a ninja after.

Getting info that we keep getting same amount of frags would lessen our worries a lot, since 1% of otherwise 80 frag ninja is less than 1 frag and we used to get a lot more frags for old ninjas in recruit.

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It's visual bug,I just draw normal Naruto,it give me 5 frags.

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Hi! Thanks so much for reporting this and terribly sorry for the inconvenience. I have asked and confirmed that it is a visual bug and our team will be fixing the issue as soon as possible.

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