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[ Ninja Exam ] Ninja exam 416 (P2W)


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So i managed to beat finnaly 416 Ninja exam which was really really hard comparing to others, iam posting my p2w lineup because i've tried many lineups and none worked, so i came up with my own lineup.


Bee is last but he has to be fully stacked! Not kushina.

Everything is only about first round.

1) If your main gets controlled, just reset.

2) Wait before Duy or Guy starts attacking, then use main mystery.

3) Use kimimaro on Ay

4) Use Kushina on Bee (Kushina must do combo to reset Bee's mystery)

5) Use Killer bee on Bee

At this point mostly ninjas should have low hp,

1) next round just wait before Duy/Guy starts attacking, then use Kushina on some ninja that have highest hp and you can combo (kushina must do combo to reset bee again)

2) Use bee's mystery, and you should win.

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