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[ Lineup ] Arena Lineup


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Team 1: Edo Minato and Karui Synergize each other with chases and mystery. Edo Minato first, and then Karui for a Lot of Damage.

Mirror can be exchanged with Ninjutsu Urge.

proxy (1)

Team 2: Risky Gaara Buff team. Insane Damage but if buffs are taken away/cant bring up barrier, very weak.

Tsunade can be exchanged with Killer Bee and you change talents to

3-2-1-3-4 with Gamaken, or Flood.

proxy (2)

Team 3: Same team as Team 1, Wind Main Version. Fire Main is safer, but this gives you the dance so you can reset for round 3 since everything is on cd. Flower guard is questionable because of the ninjas (Karui or Tsunade) wont get the buff. So second passive you c*e Flower Guard or Wind Enhance. Your choice. Fire Version is a bit weaker when it comes to damage, but it's very safe. I would start investing in the Edo Minato Kakashi Summer Kimi Halloween meta. It's very strong and it works with every main, tho Fire and Wind are the best mains for it. Here is the team with every main. If you can make this team, you are guarenteed S06P every month.

proxy (3)proxy (4)proxy (5)proxy (7)

Again: Fire and Wind are the Best, (I forgot Lightning, he is really good too). What I will say is that Danzo Assist is useless with any of these teams, try to get Minato Assist or use something that buffs everyone regardless of what ninjas you choose. (Minato, Tenten, Torune, Shisui, .etc)

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proxy (8)

This works as well, since Lightning Main Anbu Leech is very strong. You can fiddle around with positioning as well.

proxy (9)

Good luck!

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  • Danzō On 2020-08-05 05:17:36
  • You may need to reconsider not doing arena in the early days within the season month. Whales will try to get their rank ASAP and ranked will be filled with them. I usually wait 10 days or after the two first weekends before starting and see if ranked is calmer.

Also this.

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