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[ Suggestions ] Fighting Matsuri Challenge only for the chosen ones?


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Today i joined Fighting Matsuri Challenge and what was there was pure insane bad joke from game...

Fix that system or change it... after lose i cant instantly joining fight with another higher level player , this wasn't first time what it happened...

Every week still same problems with this event, its only for P2W or players from older servers or what?

How we can counter them ? iI'm a 77lvl with 170k power 17,8k ini and im low ?

My today fights:

1st fight vs 83lvl 250k power (he leaves=my win) - (1st fight is vs similar lvl no 7 lvl higher player = joke)

2nd fight 89lvl 270k power (lose) (yes i can join vs higher lvl after win, but i was instantly joined vs 12lvl higher player, not after 60sec = joke)

3rd fight 78lvl 300k power (lose) (after lose = join vs lower lvl, for game = join +1 higher lvl player =joke)

4th fight 83lvl 280k power (lose) (instantly joined another higher lvl after lose = joke)

5th fight 77lvl 30k power (win) finally win but there was ultra low player

6th fight lvl 82 160k power (win)

7th fight joined 85lvl 240k power (lose)

8-9th fights was vs players on same lvl and power for me = 2 wins

Yes i gained 5 wins but used 6x Revival potions and this match system isn't working correctly...

Set min. or max. lvl/power differences for joining fights or something else. With this system will join this event only P2W players and as we know they dont want fight together...

Thanks for Reading...

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