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Can you guys do a merge update for tommorow everyone has posted in the tread so many times and you guys still don’t merge why do we have to wait this long for a merge why can’t you guys just follow the schedule you put in place why do the players have to suffer look at your tread you posted and consider doing a merge instead of making us wait like 7MONTHS for another merge to happen because by then every server will be dead you guys went from every 2 weeks to not doing any at all I hope this wakes you guys up so you can realize that the players matter so please look at that * tread and do some merges for tomorrow

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Thank you for letting us know you are waiting on a merge. Please keep filling out the merge request form and I will pass along that players are wishing for a merge. Please keep in mind that the merge request form is not a guarantee that a request will be granted!
Thank you for your patience!

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