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Lightning Main - 34212 Shiba, Ninja Fox, Torune (no second nature, but it might help) - 85k power, 39k HP

Gaara Kazekage - L+2, +1, Y+1, L+2, +1 - 80k power, 38k HP

Iruka - +2, +2, +2, Y+1, +1 - 82k power, 42k HP

Kushina Hababero - +2, +2, 0, +2, +2 - 123k power, 36k HP


Gaara - X - X

Iruka - X - X

LM - Kushina - X

Conditions to win (and they have some randomness to them so get ready to go over and over)

1) Kushina must have lowest HP, so she draws most all attacks.

2) Needs to be targeted by Madara 10 tails, Madara GNW, Naruto (1 of 3 hits), and all the chase chains that hit multiple, and hopefully all of Han Edo's attacks.

3) Target Madara 10 Tails while waiting.

4) As soon as iruka moves to attack, then use gaara.

5) When Main gives chakra, then trigger iruka mystery on Madara 10 tails, and trigger main mystery.

6) Target Madara GNW, and use Kushina Mystery (if you got hit enough times and get lucky with crits, then you should kill all the top 4 ninja team).

7) Now that you have spent hours trying to get those steps to work now comes the most annoying randomness: round 2. If enemy Kushina hits your Kushina, then you are likely dead (hits 3, and will have 5 targets to choose from). If Kushina has immunity still, then you are likely home free. Target Kushina with your Kushina and kill her with mystery.

8) Round 3 target Bee with Kushina.

9) Cleanup what is left.

370k total Power, Difficulty lowered 2 times.

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