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Question about treasures super rare


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So my situation is like this-I got 36 rares,or around 2160 pulls.I got my 1st super rare (Kurama Naruto) at 960 pulls.2160-960=1200.And I still don't get Madara.

Is it possible,because I pull 1st SR early,to need more pulls,to get 2nd?

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Each Super Rare in Great Ninja War Treasure might take up between 800~1400 Seal Scrolls, as far as I know, so you might get him sooner or later. I'm not sure if my numbering is accurate but that's what I remember from another player's experiences. For my account, it took me around 1200 for the first SR and around 1300 for the second SR, and I'm still pulling in the same treasure but lost track of it.

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We really need a seals counter tool either in-game built or outside...

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