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[ Bugs ] Weird Game Access Issues


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We have players who can't access the game at times. It may tell them that tbeir password isn't working, but the password works if they try convoluted ways to login. My alt char also has this issue. For example, I have to delete my alt character in the mini client and reenter his username and password every. single. time.

Before I get hit with the canned response of flush cache, restart this, restart that, blah blah blah, note that I've already done that and experimenting is how I came to my own rough workaround.

Yes, plenty of players are having this issue. Some resolved it through compromising their browser security settings to play the game. That CANNOT be some final solution for this. Please ffs fix these problems and do it quickly ghat damm. This is ongoing for weeks now.

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Hello, please refer to the following post. A fix is being worked on.

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