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Greetings, I wanted to ask for susano itachi frags to start showing up in events, i don't care of their price. Why? Simple, at the point the game is he's not so great and pretty much all good about him is his basic attack, cause his mistery won't affect inmunes and barely does any damage, no good passives either and despite his inmunity he's pretty easy to control. He's not at all advised to be used in 1v1 battles and his effectiveness in modes like server war and 3v3 resides completely in the ninjas the enemy team are using.

For a F2P is going to take at least 2 years to get him unlocked and most people already just ignore him and go directly for edo hashirama which is better in every aspect.
Not asking to get his frags regularly in events but if you could add him like once a month somewhere, or once every couple months that'd be enough for whoever is interested in unlocking him.

He's one of those ninjas that is like they don't exist because the ones that own him barely use him and there's still a lot of players that don't have him.
Would be cool seeing him getting more accessible to players in general and it doesn't affect game at this point wether people start using him or not.
Consider it please.

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Hello, thank you for your suggestion. I will pass it along!

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