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[ Help ] F2P with 25k cps who needs help


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im f2p player ,i have been saving since i started playing in my server (s1500) the current ninja frag i have are:Screenshot_1

i know that the current fuku deal isn't the best as it lacks the ultimate treasure tool and the training pots with flag ,

so i have the current scenarios

1. wait for another normal 25k fuku ( with standard rewardsthe ultimate treasure tool and the training pots with flag)

2. go all in for minato 4* and bt

3. go for shisui kimono in tree and go for madara edo or minato edo from packs ( who is better)

4. spend in great plates till i reach the last milestone and choose sasuke or itachi (who is better)

you have a better advice please tell , i have been playing for a while and got bored from playing the same f2p team i made months ago.

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Great topic ...i am actually in the same current situation with almost same frags and was also wondering what to do.

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From what I've gathered so far, Kakashi Summer is probably a good bet. Either way, I would probably wait and save up some more coupons for a better fuku and I don't recommend getting Shisui Kimono.

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i would personally go for 4 star edo minato and have a really good ninja and slowly get kushina frags and get her 4 star since she is in alot of events

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The right thing to do is waiting, this week's fuku is an abomination.
But since you're new player it's not bad at all to have an early 4* edo minato bt so either you wait or you rush meta team, they're both acceptable options.

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Sasuke Rinne is the best with breakthroughs. since most of the time the other players will always have more Pa (initiative quick) than you and when that happens not only will the abilities stop you, they will also steal the chakra will feel suppressed. you will not give 100% of you even if you have minato edo or kushina 1/2 part. adapt what is to come Sasuke rinne is the best option.

Buscame wn discoed @Jonvash#7171

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If you have zero Minato fragments, then its a doubt. Its not bad to get Minato 4 stars, but if you do not have good support ninjas for him it won't be that good.

It will all depend on what Fuku deal gives when the next appears. Since you have relatively many Bee and Kushina you can consider making them both 4 stars and using both in 1 team. They work really well with each other. Ofc, Minato is the second best carry in the game after BT Madara 10, but if I were in your situation I would prefer having Bee and Kushina 4 stars on 1 team than Minato Edo 4 stars with no good ninjas to support him (again by considering all the resources you have and which ninjas are close to recruit and which are not). Sasuke Rinne is good, but he needs a specific team and will be good only after BT and you are not close at all + Kushina nowadays is not that expensive. In 1v1 Kushina is often stronger than Minato if BP is equal and you cannot control her with Kurenai or Ibiki. Either way, its your choice but it will depend on what Fuku gives. You should probably wait till next Fuku and if it gives someone who is close to recruit for you than you should think and consider and ask again for help. Because now its all theory and speculations about next Fuku which we do not know what will give.

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well i did my first fuku in a new server and what i did was i went for the minato edo 4 star and pulled killer bee from time limited treasure for a decent support. and all remaining coups were spent on potions and a little on plates for vials. it seems like the best way to spend this fuku if u dont have any ninjas yet.

you c*so go for kakashi summer as he is op and cheaper and can carry ur whole team and get minato in fukus for another ninja.

but if u really patient, its better to not spend on this fuku at all cuz the 25k milestone doesnt give as much power as the usual fukus.

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