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F2p ninjas without mystery cause.


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agree with you bro. their skills aren't much already, so no any good additional statuses/even if a minor debuff and jokes BTs like some BTs literally change nothing , then why bother make it +1 or +2, at least their BTs shall fix this issue, not disappointing like Ukon-Sakon lol, also BT rate is so the game is called naruto online ....kankuro, sasuke etc.... have full BTs and skill trials* while naruto himself the game mascot and anime hero has just 3 skills?! and their effects are lame lol.....afraid of naruto being good and useful f2p tank ninja or what?!....if so its better to name the game into kankuro online haha. the meta ninja are way overpowered already so it won't have much of an effect on game balance like sasuke......cus at the end of the day Battle power (outside a certain range) mainly determines who will it will be nice if the ninjas get their skills (all of them) BT (including skill trial, it's enough that protection vials aren't sold except for coupons), improving them, as well as game that all people will be satisfied, even whales cus they will still win and victories will be somewhat meaningful not mostly shallow....

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  • Naruto is probably worst example you could have picked, literaly all 3 of his versions used to be the best ninja when he came out, he isn't anymore because new ninjas will always be better then old but saying he is weak is wrong, he is old and outdated, he wasn't weak when he was new.

    Sage Naruto was op, Fire main/Naruto/Bee/Hashi or Wind main/Naruto/Gakido/Gaara used to be the best teams that used to win almost everything else.
    Kurama Naruto was even better, Earth main/Naruto/Roshi/Bee was the most dominant team when those ninjas where new, every space time was mirror those and in bond all whales used that first few seasons.
    Six path naruto, idk if you are new player or you forgot, but no other ninja made as many people quit as he did. He was everywhere like coronavirus, sage top 3 always 6 path users, bond always faster 6 path wins, gnw 3 six path vs 3 six path, forum was full of people crying how he is broken.

    But ninjas cannot be the best forever, otherwise why would anyone bother buying new ninjas, so new ninjas came out that are better and this will always happen, that doesn't mean old ninjas are bad, they had their prime time.

yes bro, i do agree with u. actually i didn't say he is weak or so just said they may be afraid of him being OP relatively to f2p tanks after getting good bt, which means he has a good base stats etc.. already. but i am talking about Bts in general using regular naruto the game mascot, the regular kankuro got full bt several months ago and skill trial and several other ninas got full BTs even if without a skill trial function so far. the point is that u get my idea not the exact example......also i meant regular naruto for sure cus game keeps bugging us with it and asks at ninja test "who is the first unit you recruit in the game?" etc..... and the game is called naruto online lol not Cee online, kankuro online 1st unit we recruit will be the last unit we fully BT or what?!.. lol and i know it's called among players kakuzu/kushina online haha....good naruto bt like sasuke will be nice and at the same time he won't affect game balance anyway, in the same way regular sasuke BT didn't...and overall we are getting BTs and skill trial generally in slow motion, will be nice to complete them already cus it will take several years to complete the current ninjas by this rate :(

Cus skill BT is the solution of this thread's topic (improving old ninjas) overall slight-moderate-slightly high improvement won't affect game balance alot, the game will be much more competitive and fun when the battle is really fair.....and if the gap is high the whale/much higher player will win as usual due to BP difference...and the victory will feel better like beating a hidan or chojouro BT team, isn't like beating a a non BT team or regular f2p team....and all ppl will be satisfied in the end hopefully lol ^^

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