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[ Lineup ] Suigetsu [Taka Squad] lineups


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  • killian1208 On 2021-01-18 19:46:53
  • For the first team, I can only agree, Kushimaru and Suigetsu together are really strong. Luckly, on the German servers, you get Suigestu for free of the launcher rewards, and I got Kushimaru just after. My current team looks like this:proxy

    The nice thing about it, is that Ao can be switched for basically anything that has an Akatsuki, kiri and/or swordsmen tag: Konan, Haku, Chojuro, Kisame... just remember to adapt your chase and summon for the combo.

    Another team I like that benefits a lot from Suigetsu is this one right here:proxy (1)

    allthough it might be rather squishy, the incredible amount of shields and evasion rate compensate for it and non-immune ninjas will have a hard time not getting completly disabled of their mysteries. Obviously, this team is extremly easy to get, and is only usefull as long as you don't have anything stronger, at wich point you should adapt to the best team you can.

How well would the second team work if i had SB Kisame Fusion mode and Konan swimsuit?

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