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why they move killer bee bt to 4 stars


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  • RenjiAsuka On 2020-07-18 23:31:19
  • Problem is, Oasis would find out anyways. If only they actually punished players for abusing bugs....

well i kind of agree with @Huoying , you cant tell if someone did it intentionally or new players just got bee and saw this and did bt, without knowing if its a bug or not. One big mistake is that in every update notes they never mention if a bt is 3* or 4* players have to find that out by looking at him in game. Any ways i dont know how people find time to cry about bee on forum, like that can get them 3* bee bt. Although oasis could have compensated it by giving 80 or 100 bee frags in anniversary event, because players who did 3* bt had him aswell and by giving 100 now they would be at 4*. And those who did not had bee earlier now they would have gotten 100 frags so they would need to collect only 80 that they did not had. In simple words everyone only had to collect only 80 frags to bt bee.

Just a fyi i also had to 4* bee and bt him when he came out, so i kind of also faced the loss, but i am not here crying about it and am happy for those who got bee bt at 3*

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