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A wonderful day to celebrate our Foundation: Naruto Online 4th Anniversary Event


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In-Game Name: Aniki

Server: S1505-Peace Prayer

UID: 300051462688743

Creative writing :

It was a warm sunny day, the surroundings were filled with excitement and happiness people working hard as usual and everyone doing their jobs.

Konoha anniversary season was about to come and the village is about to have a festival so everyone is planning to contribute to the festival and working on it.

It was the era when Minato Namkikaze is about to become the fourth Hokage in a few weeks after the anniversary.

I was a close friend to Minato and always wanted to know more about him. One day I and Minato went out for a security patrol around the Konoha village to check everything is alright.

We were delighted to see everyone trying there best so that they can make the anniversary celebration as good as possible.

Suddenly a mysterious smoke came from south Konoha and everybody was panicking there. We went to south Konoha as soon as possible of course Minato is way faster and reached there in an instant.

By the moment I reached there I was astonished to see Minato lying there unconscious and I was wondering just who could be the enemy to defeat Minato in such a short time.

I tried my best to bring Minato to the nearest hospital and waited for him to wake up. Few hours went by and Minato wake up. The moment he wakes he was nervous and asked what happened to him.

I said you were unconscious for a couple of hours. Minato was fast and say it's time to go. I said we should not rush and strategize first. Minato told us he saw the enemy but the air was filled with

mysterious smoke which can cause instant sleep. It was high-level ninjutsu so we tried to counter it by putting a chakra layer on our face to filter out the air.

We rushed at the enemy site and saw him destroying a shop. Minato used Hiraishin and put his kunai on the enemy neck and said you are coming with us.

The enemy was a weird-looking guy with scrolls all over his body. I have a bad feeling about it and shouted Minato to getaway. The guy instantly unleashed a huge amount of mysterious smoke from his scrolls

and disappeared. We then saw fireball ninjutsu and Lightning style ninjutsu in the sky approaching us at high speed. Minato used Hiraishin and got in front of me and use his Rasengan to counter the enemy ninjutsu. Minato located the enemy and used Hiraishin towards the enemy and unleashed a massive Rasengan on his back. The enemy was a goner by the moment but the Rasengan got absorbed in one of his scrolls that were all over the enemy body. Minato retreat immediately and said so basically those scrolls can absorb any ninjutsu and enemy could use them later as he wishes.

It was a weird technique no one knew it is one of the forbidden ninjutsu which was sealed long ago cause Minato said those scrolls take a large amount of chakra and make your brain go berserk.

Minato said to defeat him we have to rely on taijutsu attacks but that thick smoke blocks the sight which makes it hard to hit him. I said to Minato I think we can defeat him. I told Minato

that I was working on secret ninjutsu which can make a certain enemy body glow in any particular color but for it to work I have to touch the enemy skin and put a seal on him.

Minato said that he will create an opening for him. We created the plan and rushed towards the enemy. I acted as bait and lure the enemy towards me. The enemy was careless and got in one of our

traps and got paralyzed. I rushed to touch his leg but the moment I was about to touch a huge burst of smoke and fire ninjutsu came out of enemy scrolls. That was close and I would have taken serious damage if Minato would have not saved me. Then I gave Minato a special kunai which have my secret ninjutsu seal on it. I again acted as bait and lure the enemy toward's me the enemy was kind of berserk so he does not understand much and came towards me not noticing our plan. I threw a Hiraishin kunai over his head and a yellow flash was there with a Rasengan is all I could see.

But the Rasengan was absorbed and Minato throws another kunai to relocate himself. Rasengan's job was to clear the mist for a moment which it did and Minato punched the enemy and successfully used my kunai on his barefoot. At that moment the pain made the enemy go rage and he started throwing all the ninjutsu along with a huge amount of mist he stored in all directions. We got back for a moment.

After that, I used my secret ninjutsu and the enemy started to glow bright green. Minato smiled and gave the enemy a nice beating. I was almost on my limit for the secret Jutsu and focus on everything I had but then I see the face of death as the enemy transformed each of his scrolls in one direction and shoot a massive 5 elemental beam towards me. Minato shouts as loud as possible to get away but unfortunately, my chakra was already at its limit and my face chakra filter was gone which caused me instant sleep. I was like it's over for me. But I said NO not yet, not yet I keep uttering it and dragged myself as much as I can but It was too late I could see the 5 color beam it was beautiful. I closed my eyes. And then I heard "Hiraishin LVL 2".

By the time I opened my eyes I was in a hospital lying on a bed. Minato was filled with joy to see me alright but then I asked how did he save me. He said before starting the final

battle he put a Hiraishin seal on my body which let him teleport towards me instantly and the moment he touched me instantly used another Hiraishin just right behind the enemy and as the enemy was having all his scrolls in one direction Minato used his Rasengan to knock the enemy down. I was awestruck hearing it and said you deserve to be a Hokage and thanked him for saving his life.

The battle is over and I was fully recovered. The Anniversary finally came I was excited to join it and have lots of fun. Minato invited me and we both enjoyed the festival to the fullest.

Later I investigated and found out the enemy was one of Orochimaru's experiments.

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