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[ Suggestions ] Rework Sasukes mystery cause


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Okay ive got to ask for a huge favour mods. Can you please send the info to devs that sasukes mystery needs to be changed to low float cause it makes no sense of it doing knockdown at all. Theres unreal amount of ninjas that u cant even put with him and they should go along with him. It frustrates me that u cant make a proper combo with him and have a usefull team... Ill post this over and over again until its noticed, cause this just aint right. Im fine with his standard doing knockdown but theres no way his mystery should do the same...

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To be clear, you'd like his mystery changed to cause low float...because it doesn't work well with your team? I can submit this suggestion to the development team for you, but I can't guarantee it will be implemented, as this change likely won't be well-received by much of the player-base, especially since knockdown is one of the more common debuffs and there are many more ninjas that combo off of this. Changing this to low float would effectively be a nerf and not a buff. So, to be clear, this would effectively be a change specifically and solely for yourself, is that correct?


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