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[ Events ] 4th Year Anniversary - Shinobi Adventure Collage Event


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Celebrating Naruto Online EN’s 4th Year Anniversary – Shinobi Adventure Collage Event - Period: July 16th - July 21st

Aiyo! Greetings to all Shinobi!

Welcome to the much-awaited 4th year Anniversary event! Whether you are here for the fun or the prizes, thank you for your support over the years as we reach our next important milestone in Naruto Online EN’s history.

Time really passes by doesn’t it? I am sure we all have our own experiences, whether it be through making friends, building families, or even soloing it up. Whatever it may be, this is the time to show us!

How to Participate:

Create a collage that consist of 4 main images (Please include only images from in-game) that will show us your adventures and experiences in the world of the shinobi. This can include goals, achievements, friendship/family portraits, or milestones in your journey. Give it a title and share a brief story about it.

Please also include your Server ID and UID (Click Here)



[Insert Story Here]


We will be picking 10 winners

1st Prize – Powerful Item Optional Pack III x4

2nd Prize – Powerful Item Optional Pack III x4

3rd Prize – Powerful Item Optional Pack III x4

4th to 10th Prize – Powerful Item Optional Pack III x1


Reminder: Please make sure to submit the correct information to qualify for rewards.

Note: Please only post your submission on this thread. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly via private message.

Thank you,

Naruto Online Operation Team

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Server:- S486 (Light Style)

UID:- 200000104437792

Title:- HTT Shippuden (lol)

Story:- I started playing in 2017 and made first two friends on S486, Kitty and Genge. This was my first (and so far, the only) mmorpg ever, and it feels like home ^_^

3 years of gameplay as f2p, meeting and befriending a lot of people... It was such a great experience that I cannot describe it in words. Kitty, unfortunately stopped playing this February. Genge still plays though he is less active. This is my tribute to those two for being there for me, we have been like a family ^_^

I've seen many people come and go.... Wish this could continue, but one day this genjutsu will end, oh well :D

A very Happy 4th Anniversary Everyone ^_^


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Name: Langi

Server: S1388 UK

UID: 200000109126669

NAruto online podklad

For me this isnt only game, there are also good ideas. Good friends, sometimes bad people but still is fun. Its about fun friends and Familly together as one big world :)

I started play this about 4 years ago but last 7 months on this server was the best for me.... and time will see what new i can discovery.

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UID: 30000654268155

Server: 1330

IGN: AktAeolia (First three letters stylized)


Story- Finding Fun in Details:

The more I play Naruto Online, the more I discover the intricacies, whether they are little jokes, artwork details, or gameplay options. I like sharing these observations with my friends in my group, and it is a blast becoming more immersed in this world.

1. One of my favorite details is the Swimsuit Chiyo joke. When I first got "Swimsuit Chiyo" raffled through the random title spin, I was confused and searched everywhere for more information. If it's mentioned in-game, surely there's more to it? No luck, but my interest was piqued. So I was astounded when I gained the "Blossoming Limited Ninja Poster" depicting young Swimsuit Chiyo in eye-catching lavender. The game sure has a sense of humor! It quickly became my prized possession because it made me laugh. Please, future mine-plunderers, gift me more of these posters, haha (I don't know if she will ever be a real ninja, but if she does I will fully welcome her)

2. I also really like the various clothing options in game. My favorite one is the "This Is Youth!" tights. When I assemble Guy and Lee in a team filled with tights-wearing clones, I can make a forest of green latex and really celebrate the spirit of hard work! Like Lee, if you persevere, you can shine in this game, and I love this clothing for its reminder of that for me. I am the only person on my server with this clothing option currently, though I wish more would join me in the Spirit of Youth!

3. A third detail I appreciate is the little speech bubbles that appear when your character goes into the hot springs. I like this "rotten egg/papaya" one because it is memorable. I think the female characters also say amusing things like "being skinny saves fabric for Konoha". Male characters, step up your game in quips! There's nothing quite like juicy hot springs gossip.

4. Finally, I enjoy the details in the background artwork that makes the game feel more fully multidimensional. Some of the landscapes are breathtaking! I love exploring and finding funny poses. This one is of the interior design of the group base, which at level 10+ has mysterious statues. In the picture, is the monster about to kiss me? Or whisper a secret? Or just plain old blasting terrible breath? Up to you to interpret, haha!

I hope these 4 can highlight how appreciating small things has become a recurring theme in my gaming journey.

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Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 11

Hi I'm Garasu, I don't have many saved images but here are the ones I could find. First picture at the top is the first time I beat a 6P Naruto team. I know it's a weak team but I did this a long time ago when I was still new to the game, so it was a big accomplishment to me! The left image is me as Kakashi Susanoo, who I got recently. Not a very useful ninja for me but he does look cool. The middle picture on the right is me with two of my friends in the game, Whisp and Owari, who I've played together with many, many times. And the bottom right picture is me as Gate of Shock Guy. He's fun to play with and also has a nice appearance so I put him in here too. :))

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final product with ign

Story: Getting stronger every day is what keeps me motivated to play the game, as well as achieve my goals in real life. No matter how many times I fail, tomorrow I will try harder. No matter how good or bad I am compared to others, I'm striving to be better than my past self. And I'm having fun along the way!

IGN: Speedwagon

Server ID: 1392

UID: 300011764624128

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In-game user: Lust

Server: 1040

UID: 300048696570665

final event
It was an amazing journey playing this game. Met new people and of course lost some. All the people I met became the cause of my attachment to the game. I find it tough to give it and I hope that we continue to stay connected in this rollercoaster ride.

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In-game name: Aniki

Server: S1505-Peace Prayer

UID: 300051462688743


Free ninjas are the driving power for f2p cause they motivate them to keep grinding for 25k coupons and someday have good ninjas.

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Nick: Eskel

server: S849 :Giant Katsuyu

UID: 200000109198602

4th — kopia

My biggest milestone in this journey was getting good ninjas without spending (too much) money :D and fact i still playing this game is an achievement in itself xD

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This is One Of the Greatest Legendary Sannin and Novelist "Jiraiya"

He was really greatest and powerful and also perverted ninja. Whenever he see Girl he chases after them even Naruto s3xy transformation and His favourite habit is to peek through Bathroom(or HotSpring) windows.. One day Tsunade called him and told him details about Pains and he went alone on that mission and that was his final decision of his life and pain killed Jiraiya cruelly Rest In peace Jiraiya-Sensei Your name will be alive in our hearts


Server:S556-Roshi four tails


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Story: Well the most enduring times and hardships can be overcome by teamwork. So IT was Taught~

So I pick the three accounts that I played on. Two of which are friends accounts that journey n left to me on S850.

And I just wanted to use images that we can relate to the Naruto Anime. The Iconic Three As One Team.

Server ID S850 Anbu Scroll and UID 300016887689340 !! IGN Tombolock > Happy 4th Year Anniversary Naruto Online ~~ !!

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4 years, 4 milestones
IGN: Starbucks
UID: 200000089123404
unknown (1)

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  • ⟁Chl0r0f0rM⟁ On 2020-07-18 06:18:10
  • Server ID: S530

    In-Game Name: Chloe

    UID: 200000106280979


    Long story short:

    1. I started playing this game.

    2. Made some friends, and one of them started to constantly annoy me xD

    3. Me and the boys about to troll a certain someone...

    4. annoying him in return.

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Adapting Changes of the Game All the Years!

I Remember my Years of Playing Naruto Online with lots of Stages, from being a NEWCOMER- that grasped lots of new things in mind, thinking how the game works and so on. But Since I enjoy the game so much, I tried to Adapt the Changes of the Game from GLADIATOR- that Fights Team Instances, Ninja Exams and become a BERSEKER-that level up the game killing Strong Approaching Ninjas, Survival Trial and raided Rich Field. With all the knowledge and enjoyment of the game, I persist learning and become an INVINCIBLE, trying to chased players in the Ranked Battle, Sage Mode and Arena, With all the four Years of Hardship and Sacrifices Adapting with so Many Changes of the Game, I must stay I am now a Myth in the Naruto Online World!

A MYTH Player that endures Against All Odds!

Server ID: S328

Server Name: Laser Circus

Name: Tedi ✗ (泰迪)

UID: 200000097405077

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  • ⟁Chl0r0f0rM⟁ On 2020-07-18 06:18:10
  • Server ID: S530

    In-Game Name: Chloe

    UID: 200000106280979


    Long story short:

    1. I started playing this game.

    2. Made some friends, and one of them started to constantly annoy me xD

    3. Me and the boys about to troll a certain someone...

    4. annoying him in return.

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Server ID: S530

In-Game Name: Chloe

UID: 200000106280979


Long story short:

1. I started playing this game.

2. Made some friends, and one of them started to constantly annoy me xD

3. Me and the boys about to troll a certain someone...

4. annoying him in return.

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  • YujinTakara On 2020-07-17 14:02:26
  • Ingame name: ユジンタカラ

    Server ID: 328

    UID: 200000097379279


    The journey has been quite long so far, and I never thought I would develop so much.

    As I started this game, the only thing in mind is trying to play the game because I'm a Naruto fan, and that's it. I followed the story-line, the systems, the lineup building but after awhile playing, it seems like the hype wasn't there anymore. I did manage to make two friends, but through time they stopped the game to continue their ways in their lives. Eventually, it was my turn to stopped as well.

    8 months later, somehow I found the game again, and started playing back, hoping it would be more fun and I could have some nice time here. I decided to come to a new Group and everything changed right after that. Everyone is very supportive and being really nice, At first I only thought that they were like that because I was the new recruit, but it was more. They helped me with the team building, with the events, how to save up and how to use them to have the most benefit. They are fond of taking group photos too. Just some screenshots with themed transformations. But after so long, I see that those photos have feelings, that we are together as a group, we are together as friends. We are not just a bunch of individuals sharing a base, we are like Jinchurikis, knowing and understanding each other. From time to time,the bond I have with my friends grows, and to now, I don't know if I can stop playing this game, not because I don't have anything to do in real life, not because I'm a lazy person who's addicted to gaming, but because I'm afraid I'll lose what's I've gotten throughout the time I came back - friendships, and memories.

    The achievements I've gained in this game is not just because of me, it's from everyone in my group. They taught me a lot. And with the most recent achievement of 500.000 power, it only shows how much influence they've made on me. The brain to make lineups for beating Ninja Exams, the Debuff testing board, as well as the Status list, oh and also top 4 in Space-time!! I don't know if I can do them without my friends' help from the start.

    "How does one preserve and treasure memories?" This question is easy and difficult to answer at the same time. But for me, I'll just enjoy all the moments I have, because those moments have gone beyond a game... they have become a memory.

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Server ID: S2 LA

In Game Name: korkorbyn

UID: 200000082842173

Story: Me and my bf started playing this game since this game came out we started to get to know each other around middle of May 2018 and became official that month and year we been doing dailies we were aquanitance in 2017 so we weren't close that yer but we have been working together with dailies gnw helping other comrades. ( I try my best of the collage) I don't have much achievements but we both still play this game till this day

Screen Shot 2020-07-17 at 4

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I started playing about 3 months ago and as a naruto fan I love this game. After my real friend formed the group, everything changed. Very nice people come in and now we are like a family even if we have low power, we stay and fight togheter. We are KONOHA and the story will continue........

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