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[ Events ] 4th Year Anniversary - Shinobi Adventure Collage Event


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In game nickname: Hawk ( with fancy letters, but it bugs when i post it on forum )

Server: 1298

UID: 300002669994793

I didnt know what title i should put on it, so i remembered that i have a lot of friends, and they are the real reason i play it everyday :). I always forget to screenshot my achievements, so i dont have pic of them :p

I've been playing Naruto Online since 2016 (i played in Thai servers, but i couldnt understand anything :P). Thai servers closed last year, so i came to EN servers, since then i made a lot of friends that helped me on this journey. 1st pic is a funny moment when i was doing group summon capture, 2nd pic is the longest title in the game, i was the first one to get it in my server, 3rd and 4rd are pics of my friends.


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