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Hey, guess what.


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We're pushing back ADLDICLPNOS's release date. Why? A few reasons... the first of which is that I do not have reliable Internet connection right now.

Some people may not be aware of this, but a derps life and Do I Care? Let's Play Naruto Online is a joint project created by two people: myself (Do I Care?) and my partner (a derps life). We used to live together and therefore could talk in-person and work on this face-to-face, but since the COVID outbreak and the lockdown started, I haven't been able to see a derps life in person – and therefore it's become much harder to make episodes.

So the only way we can work on episodes right now is through the Internet. But even that's incredibly painful to do since my internet right now is so bad. Add that to certain... unspoken events in other fandoms, and things are just messy rn. So yeah...

I don't think we'll start up making more episodes until maybe August tbh when we start seeing each other in person again. Neither do we have an episode ready for you. I DO have a trailer teaser, though.

So yeah, here's a sneak peek of what's to come... eventually.

Sorry for letting down the few people who were looking forward to this. ...I wonder if anyone was looking forward to the series.

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