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Yea, as much as i like to be a f2p friendly person, the real world don't run on dreams and hardly on communism,

the real world runs on trade laws and rights to trade aka commerce and consumerism, take that away and u get communism.

the current world is their delusion cycle neither capitalism nor communism in totality it's always an in between.

and that is the very balance that keeps the world going because then there is demand and supply.

else the world will be flat and limited, with fewer ways of exploration, advancement, lack of creativity

and no one will have desire to take that extra mile to push themselves for their self or even for others.

and yet there must be free stuff for all, or sharing, that many good things comes free like clean air and water n speech that enlighten us.

now me gonna watch how the trade relations turn out between US-CHINA because no one wants a trade war if truly can be avoided.

but if it has to come, then let it rock the world and lets see if things will get better in years to come.

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