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Hey everybody, been looking around the web and saw the recommended specs are a GT 740m and an i3, but didn’t specify which one. My concern is that others say that those aren’t Indicative of smooth (as NO can be) gameplay. Would an I7-1065G7 from a Surface Pro 7 be able to handle It smoothly to the point where the underlying problem is the game and not a celeron? I would test it myself but I don’t think Best Buy would appreciate me doing that in store, and I’m sure some are more aware of this games performance than I could find elsewhere :(

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If my crappy ass PC from 2009 could handle this game, I'm sure whatever you're planning on buying now can.

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Same as above person, this game run with 0 lag or issues on my old dell from 2007 before i upgraded (32bit windows xp/3gb ram/2.4ghz duocore and nvidia 8600), only time i would ever start geting lag if i opened multiple accounts. It should run on anything modern very well assuming no compatability issues.

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