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[ Suggestions ] Where is the new content??


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The Farming part of the game is darn repetitive - all the daily missions, the Team instances and all the timely missions - no new content for since I am on this server. So about an year.

The new content is new ninjas and a couple of new power systems. So 95% of the new content is new ninjas.

I have seen some games that don't struggle so much with new content and which have a lot smaller community.

After you get around 100k in BP all the daily routines have 0 challenge. Only the Ninja exams are somewhat fine as a challenge.

My ultimate training which I completed 6 months ago still appears on the screen as a distant memory.

The Nature training is somewhat fun cause it is difficult to get to level 50 on all challenges.

All the other content is old, very old.

If you where pulling new content with half of the speed on which you get ninjas the community would love you.

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Hello, thank you for your suggestion. I will pass it along.

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