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[ Bugs ] Iruka [Suit] Skillset Desc<x>riptions


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I would like to complain regarding the abysmal description to Iruka's skills. The problem mostly lies in his mystery description, which is so confusing that it has actually caused some really awkward rounds. Now, I'm not sure if the skills description is wrong, or the mechanics were incorrectly scripted, but the description and the actual mechanics should ideally correspond with each other, because it is SO confusing.

Iruka skillset

OK, so if you read the mystery carefully, when applied to *LY, it's supposed to simply remove their debuffs. But what actually happens in that they gain IMMUNITY, which the description DOESN'T EVEN MENTION. It simply mentions that they get an extra standard attack for 2 rounds, but how do they get immunity on top of that? Where is it in those two sentences? Furthermore, the skill, when applied to an ENEMY, does NOT cause Immobile. I'm unsure whether this is because the 'No Cheating' state overlaps it, but if it does, whats the point of adding immobile in there if its going to be effective anyway? Personally, his mystery skill description is really buggy, but the rest are fine. Overall, good job on the skills, but the mystery needs to be scrutinized AND FIXED, because there are a lot of issues, especially how it grants immunity.

Sorry for the long rant... Thank you Oasis!

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Hi Kanaboon,

you should compare skills with Konoha Proxy too. Sometimes they have different descriptions and one of them is correct :)


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Hello, I will report this.

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