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How many rates to full BT normal sasuke?


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  • I like him becoz he has three chase atk

    I've been using 4 protection for seven times test

    with my month card coupons to purchase

    and it's not I have 500 coupons to buy kirin+2 at tsunade since events need to spend

    not guarantee but how low rates to a cheap ninja

    my coupons can purchase three shisui kimono frags at ramen store

    so sad and sorrow


As far as I know, the chances of getting a skill breakthrough or trial via Vials are being reduced each time you lock a maxed skill. Meaning that having 4 locked max skill breakthroughs will give you low chances of having a successful vial for the last one. For that case, it is much better if you will use Ninja Fragments to get the last skill, especially if the Ninja you're breaking is a Regular Ninja that can be farmed from the Elite Instances. Invest your coupons on better things like power-ups and such. Sasuke's regular version isn't that useful when you reach your mid-game stage since there will be much more useful Barrier Users than him. Still, it's all up to you because it is your game and not ours, we can only give opinions and suggestions here for you to have an idea. Thank you.

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