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[ Events ] Upcoming fireworks event


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  • Danzō On 2020-07-12 02:44:34
  • You really need to notice that anniversary and holiday events do not offer a lot - this is not hard to figure out. A lot of evidence points that during that time, Oasis will take it as an opportunity to make players to spend more th*ual. This is going on for the 4 past years and if you are still hopeful that someday those events will offer something good for free then I don't know what your reasoning is.

    Also, by no means kisame samehada and suit minato are OP ninjas in our current meta. Even though kisame will get BTs in the future, for now on the English server, he *s. Anyone that is in late-game will see the past firework ninjas as collection purposes and that mindset won't change as it is very unlikely they will offer meta ninjas in fireworks for the full 80 frags.

Kisame is also probably a mistake, they gave him for free before the BT came out and then he was useless..

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