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Experimental Protection Vials


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This is going to sound pretty rude, but why is it that you cannot get experimental protection vials anywhere but the shop? And sometimes in events? It's literally easier to get Advanced protection vials than experimental protection vials. Shouldn't it be part of a shop so people don't have to buy it or wait over 20 days collecting 5 frags a day? I mean IM just asking, it's kinda annoying ;-;

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You not wrong, it's very common complaint these days. They used to be in events every week almost but they got replaced now by adv vials/epic refines/pages. They need to add them back in events or add them to sun/moon coins shop.

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Or add them to group shop. They could replace advanced cloth.

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  • TobiragoOda On 2020-07-09 02:30:08
  • Or add them to group shop. They could replace advanced cloth.

I think that's a good suggestion. Also OP you're right and you should say it lol. Idk why they make them so hard to get.

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moon shop will be also good

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