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F2P 500k Milestone.


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  • Akuma Bloodline On 2020-07-07 03:06:03
  • But what type of f2p are you?
    we got
    f2p, f2p,f2p,p4f,p4f,p2p
    Fun 2 play
    Free 2 play
    Fun 2 pay
    Play 4 free (That a level beyond f2p)
    Pay 4 Fun (the mega whales)
    Pay 2 play

ohh I'm definitely a selective pay for fun (minor whale), until it stopped being fun to pay (spender).

since i'm picky n things didn't seem fun for the price worth anymore. in part though i grew out of it, i think i kinda graduated XD

it was fun to chase the top ranking @ first, then, it got repetitive n boring even when i was winning it. =(

now coupled with rl issues, the only way i can play it is, play for fun (retired)

fortunately i went through the cycle, got many of the nice stuffs, and it's kinda amazing i can quit and still come back to hang out. XD

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