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F2P 500k Milestone.


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  • Akuma Bloodline On 2020-07-07 03:06:03
  • But what type of f2p are you?
    we got
    f2p, f2p,f2p,p4f,p4f,p2p
    Fun 2 play
    Free 2 play
    Fun 2 pay
    Play 4 free (That a level beyond f2p)
    Pay 4 Fun (the mega whales)
    Pay 2 play

Sounds like he is Play 4 Free - no way a casual player would be willing to work on that account for that long.

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  • Dym On 2020-07-07 06:18:30
  • Not really, am 500k+ f2p as well and there is few more on my server. Also because he is free doesn't mean he is casual, just he doesn't recharge.

My point is that for a causal on that server, they would not be that active to build that power. OP clearly plays often as that server is about 3.5 yrs. Otherwise, his power would probably be half if he was a casual since they don't play as often. There are a lot of casual f2ps who don't have the average power on my cluster because they have stopped playing at some point.

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