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[ Suggestions ] Revamp of summon treasure / shop?


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So, for old players this feature is starting to get a bit stale. I have all the summons from that treasure and after three years of playing the same character in on my way to max all my runes. I know for new players this feature is a bit more exciting, but I would like to suggest to either add at least one of the other summons to the summon treasure (From Gamariki, Ibuse, Nightmare, Giant clam, Gerotora, Giant Crustacean and Guys tortoise). I would suggest Guy's Tortoise, since it's the oldest one. This way getting summoning scrolls would get a tiny bit more exciting, and would give people more chances to complete the summon collection. I would not mind if Guy's tortoise got added to the summon shop, at idk, 5k a fragment or 15k for 5 fragments (a bit more expensive than Kirin but not as much as the lord of hell).

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I will submit this suggestion to the developers. Thanks!

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