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[ Bugs ] When will you give Spring season rewards?


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i got compensation 2 weeks ago i guess, 500 coupons, 300 less i could get in spring season but its better than 0

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Note: Sorry,the post does not exist or has been deleted

Can't see those email because 15 days have passed but I can still say that I did not recieve the rewards. I am an active player and I spend a lot of time in Naruto Online and I check my mail each day. There was no such mail there. However, I've already sent a ticket about this and they said they are working on it and investigating. I am not a blind person to just not see a mail with 500 coupons. Because this logic of "not seeing" the mail is considering that all players on my server are blind. Nobody from 1364 recieved anything at all. I doubt every single person could have forgotten about the mail and not see it on our server and some others.
A very strange screenshot because the game says they store mail for 15 days and yet on screen you have very old mails about Christmas and etc. Not like we want to lie about not getting anything and abuse smth, no. We just didn't get anything. I've asked multiple people on my server and nobody said they got anything. Its hard for every single player on a server to miss a message saying "Compensation!" and having 500 coupons.

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All affected servers and its players received compensation on June 12th. If you believe you did not receive compensation, we kindly ask you to contact us via Customer Support ticket. We will review all of the individual logs and confirm with you weather you have receive compensation or not.

We apologize for this situation.

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