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[ Help ] Merge Updates?


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Hey there, i've noticed that the last merge update was on 1st June and the one prior to that was in 17th March, thats quite a discrepancy time-wise. Theres a new "Server Merge Request" every month and in that thread its claimed the following "Server merger will take place once every 2 weeks" so, if oasis keeps claiming every month that sever merges will happen every 2 weeks, why there's was a period of 2 months and half without a single merge and now a period of 27 days? This is such a B.S. plus the last 2nd merge, merges that happened was back in early december...

So, my thing is, i would like some clarification on what should i even expect from oasis at this point, my sever has been applying for merge for 3-4 months straight and we get absolutely nothing, (our server is 1 year old and got 1 merge in late december), should i even be expecting a merge next month? Because there hasn't been one in 27 days and it was suppose to be every 15 days, will oasis be back at 2nd merges?

I would like some decent and objective answer, i know it isn't any MODs fault but oasis is literally giving us some crap by lying about server merges, and players keep waiting and waiting every single day, week, month and nothing!

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  • Hi~

    Next wave of server merges will come in July. We apologize for the delay but there is a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration (including your feedback and requests), therefore,we want to approach server merge schedule with care and proper planning.

    More information regarding upcoming merges will be posted later on.

    EDIT: I should mention that our current plan is to start merging servers again in July. That is just a plan and it may change. However, feel free to keep sending us your requests. They do matter and we take them into consideration.

I'm very appreciated for the honest answer, troubles always happen so i'm okay with the merges getting delayed, the decisive thing was claiming that merges would happen every 15 days, but now i believe that most players that i have touch with will understand better and so do I.

One suggestion: If you guys can't promise a merge every 15 days, don't claim it, that frustrates everyone, maybe it would be a good idea to reformulate the claimings made on the "Merge Request" threads.

Another point: I don't know who's responsible for selecting the servers to merge, but eversince i'm having this opportunity of oppenly have a word with you, i would like to say this: Please be careful merging server S1328 and its affiliateds, they will totally break pretty much any other server because they've got 600k+ bp players and a 1m one, and to our range the maximum should be like 400-500k.

That being said, thanks and good work!

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