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are bee 8 tails breaks permanently unlocked at 3 stars now?

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They are going to fix it -

People should really not bring it to their attention...

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number 1 rule - if there's something that would benefit the player you should stay silent otherwise you are just an attention seeker.

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II see, still isnt fixed as of today, hopefully it is fixed soon.

ps, call me salty if you must, I could not care less what opinions others hold of me, I spent many months and prioritized his frags in countless event cycles instead of being another clone and taking the cheat route characters, you all know who they are, so yeah, I am annoyed that a "bug" now means players are getting access to the same thing I had to spend many many months and many thousands of coupons to cultivate.

I dont blame the players for taking advantage, but that doesn't mean i cant be irritated when something I spent a few froggies worth of savings on is now easily accessible with zero work after recruiting him, and unlike the previous bugs that were related to in game spending this one has not been handled quickly so that only a small number of people can take advantage, its real fun seeing all these * players who went for the cheat characters now also getting bee's breaks , whereas players like myself have now had months of patience and coupon saving spat back in our faces, making our choice to pursue bee instead of the broken characters entirely worthless, we may aswell have spent those coupons buying frags of kakashi make out paradise.I am sorry but that is pure bull

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