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ino's fresh flowers


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should i save up all my stamina potions for flowers event to get 250 flowers for rare ninjas?

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If your server is dead and/or not yet merged then the chances of taking the first rank is high, as long as there are no other players that will do the event at the same time but if you're in an active server with few spenders then your chance might be slim. Of course, unless they are willing to let you take the first rank. It's your call. Thank you.

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Can I know what is the percentage to get 1 flower from spending stamina? I am scared to spend my stamina potion and i didn't get the Ino flower

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watch coffin element stamina spending vids.

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Chances differ from each player. Someone might get tons of flowers within a few stamina while others might get a few even if they spent a lot of stamina. It's all up to you if you wanna take the risk.

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Don't take risk.Last 3 times Ino flowers was around,I get 30 flowers from free stamina daily+hot springs.That's more or less 500 stamina per day,3500 for all 7 days.Which make 1 flower per 117 stamina.Let say I'm lucky,and we can round it up to,maybe 150 stamina per flower.So you need at least 38 000 stamina,that's 760 normal potions,or 3 800 small ones.

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