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Training grounds


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Do none of you people realize how training grounds works?

In there speed is everything, in 9 out of 10 cases a fast loss is better than a slow win, even if you dont get a kill scroll from it it sets you free to try your luck with another random opponent. I know a lot of you need to rely on certain characters because you are helpless without them, but all those kakuzu and kushi teams going 10 rounds, you do all realize that such a slow pace harms your rewards aswell as people not using slow teams?

often a lot of the characters that get to the top level fastest are weak alts that get taken down in 1 hit and using kill scrolls. While it isnt a good strategy to rely solely on scrolls to win, that proves my point, you have more opportunities for rewards to drop and therefore you get more rewards , ergo fast matches whether win or loss give you better odds of getting any worthwhile rewards from this event. Sitting through multiple 10 round matches just to get from level 1 to 2 or just to get from 2 to 3 costs both players valuable time and chances of rewards, both scrolls and keys. It is perhaps the best event for sun scrolls, but so many people waste the opportunity by *ing with stall teams

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  • Perfect_Cell On 2020-06-27 05:25:58
  • pokemem

from the fact you have literally not a single thing to say it is safe to assume you are such a player who needs meta to hold your hand. thank you for your input

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  • kamikamikami On 2020-06-27 05:58:44
  • Bruh, you can retreat after 5 rounds in training grounds. Either you or your opponent is a lil b* if they don't retreat until 10 rounds pass.

    While I agree with most of your points, idk how you can complain about Kakuzu. He's a blitz unit without any dodge stuff and exactly what you should be using in speed events. Even Kakuzu vs Kakuzu will go fast because he buffs only his defense, not resistance. All the Kushinas and infinite dodgers should be banned from these events tho.

    I wonder what's your idea of a good training grounds team. A lot of people are using Kimimaro Halloween for blitz now but it's just as much cancer as anything else when faced with a similar power. Today I would have 10 rounds vs him if I didn't retreat, because he dodges 2 standards and scales def/res. Can't really have a pure dmg team with 0 bullcrap nowadays.

this is a weird message to try to reply to, you simultaneously agree with my statements whilst also insulting my opinion. odd

where in my post did I say i dont use the retreat *on? my post was about the fact that people dont seem to realize how important speed is, so as always the most blase gamers in the entire solar system all use the same stall teams, people here are either too *, too lazy or have such little brain capacity that they dont realize that removing kushi from their lineup for 40 minutes a week, would put them in a better position to get more rewards from an event. That was my point, if they dont want to lose because it will hurt their fee fees they can rely on kushi in other game modes, but using stall characters here is a double-edged sword because it lets them win more matches, but drains so much time from a time sensitive event that they miss out.

kakuzu *can* be a blitz, it isnt a guarantee that he is, if you run anyone like sasuke rinne/kurenai summer/edo release madara/ minato with bond barrier/madara 5 kage/itachi kimono/nagato sb say goodbye to all of kakuzus damage ouput leaving the match in a weird stalemate where the opponent has more power but isnt fully able to apply it and because kakuzu heals/removes debuffs and is often teamed with shield generators also means it would be slow to take him down either.

you mentioned kushi and dodgers, so you admit that stall teams are a problem here, so I am not sure where to go with that statement.

we are in very very different training grounds, in the past 2 weeks, maybe 3, but I can confidently say at least 2 the only kimimaro user i have faced is darken

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