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[ Bugs ] Killer Bee 8 tails Jinchuriki bug or not?


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So today when i logged into the game i noticed i could use Killer Bee BTs on 3* now. Im pretty much sure it was 4 star before. So i was wondering if 3* BTs is a bug or you made it like that?

Now some people are saying its fixed but the bug is till working for some people. Some can still use BTs at 3* and some people can not, Any info about this problem is welcome :)

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#1 rule you need to learn - if you find a bug that benefits the player, you keep quiet.

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Thanks to the industrious reports and efforts of other player, this bug was caught quite quickly, and the devs are aware of it. While I do not believe it has yet been fixed, rest assured that it soon will be fixed, and Jinchuriki Killer Bee will soon return to his normal state of only being able to access his breakthrough skills at 4 stars.
Thank you!

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Is it so hard to let it remain as the way it is? Nah normal state is not having access to skillbreaks at 4*. Normal is having all skillbreaks at 3* just as in China. There is simply zero logic for people to buy extra 100 fragments so they can skillbreak. It's not like Bee 8T top tier or something. But yeah whales would riot for this.

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hello, i just wanted to say that this is not true , there is no bug anywhere. please dont change it to 4 stars i found it fair and square and thought oasis was being nice. dont bend me over and check my prostate. i spent protects in that.

With lot of love - Shawarmapapa. xoxoxoxoxoxo

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RIP Vials D:

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Why in the world would you report this as a bug?!! It was a good thing we got going on... you just HAD TO report it...

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