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[ Events ] oasis finally decided to look at the feedback survey


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I needed 5 more frags for Hana style clothing for so long, because it got taken out of events after new outfits were released. I asked for it in the feedback survey every week but it never showed up in events. Dont know if Oasis just stopped reading them a long time ago or if they didn't care.

But it looks like Oasis FINALLY decided to listen to feedback from the survey because Hana style is in Konoha outlets this week! Screen Shot 2020-06-24 at 8

So yes, the feedback survey is important. if there's a ninja or item you want Oasis to add in events, ask for it in the survey. If you do it, maybe they'll see your feedback and add it in next week's events. As long as you aren't asking for good ninja in fireworks because they won't do that.

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There much cloths diferent i need the 85% that all

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Hana style if I recall has been in every other event cycle the past 2 months.

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I'm actually considering buying it tomorrow just for what you said, that clothing has been off radars for months so... idk i'd feel bad if i don't get it and i don't see it again for so long.

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Same here I was also requesting Hana style for long time but should I buy I need 10 more frags which will cost 1350 coupons but i'm saving for next fuku deals. Then again idk when will it come back again.

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Exacly what happend to me ! I asked for nagato and there is it lol!

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