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[ Bugs ] Recharge problem


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I tried to recharge 5$ and it gave me this message:

"You have cancelled the transaction or transaction failed please try again."

Anyone knows what this means?

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Someone told me this happened to him too, and Oasis took his money but didn't give him any ingots. Is there a way to see if the recharge got registered? Can anyone solve my issue?

First I tried to recharge 250 ingots + 50 ingots in miniclient, then I went on the official site and tried to recharge another 50 ingots. It gave me the same transaction failed message 3 times.

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Hello, this typically means that the transaction is being blocked. The typical cause of this is due to your credit or bank flagging the charge. I typically get a text whenever a charge is flagged; however, sometimes its necessary to call the company and see if it is being flagged. It is still acceptable to contact CS and inform them of the error, and see if it is on their end.

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