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[ Events ] How Fuku deals should be


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  • Law_FTW On 2020-06-21 03:07:11
  • 2 ninjas are still the same it won't hurt them if they make it like platinum recharge and play with value, players are quitting because they keep collecting those 25k-30k cpns for like 3 months and when fuku is here they get some random ninja that they don't want and then 2+ weeks later fuku comes out again with the ninja that they wanted so they end up quitting, it's not about money now it's about making the game come back to life, and those decisions are important to be made now, instead of releasing ashura which is kinda questionable tbh but I'm not getting into that right now.

Yeah i totally agree with because what the point of releasing new ninjas if we dont even get the time to recruit them because we are farming other ninjas for like 2 to 3 month because we want them we want to benefit by getting them

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