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Chance ba<x>sed skills


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I would like to talk about chance based skills, because either the rumours about account luck being decided on creation are true and I have an account locked to only get bad luck or I am missing something.

my stats are nothing spectacular but I have 442k power my 1st pos has

32k init

30k crit

30k injury

25k Combo

25k control

I do not know how the chance based skills are supposedly calculated so just sharing these incase they provide some insight because chance based skills are the bane of my acount, they DO NOT work.

I have an edo minato with dodge break +2 , claims to increase evasion against standard attacks bu 50% mine dodges at maximum 1 out of every 40 standards

I have a sasuke rinne with break that claim "55% chance to chaos", in the 2 months i have had his breaks he has chaosed only on 2 occasions.

both of those characters took me a long time to 4 star and I have now had to retire them because without their passives they are cut through like paper

I have kurenai summer, only had her 2 days so still very new, but from my experience so far I can tell you with absolute certainty that my kurenai does not have 45% chance to chaos units attacking her, not even close

*late adition, I now also have a kimi halloween and in 4 days of ownership I can tell you i have had drawn out 10 round matches with the simpletons using kushi and not once has my kimi evaded 2 standards in a single round, even though his skill says he has a "very high chance" for that


The same goes for main characters

fire main never causes sleep to more than 1 with temple of nirvana

i have literally never seen my water main dodge animation

wind never summons multiple clones.

Some of you wont believe this ofcourse, and I can understand why, but to be perfectly honest that doesnt matter, I know what I have seen with my own eyes these years and this topic still has potential to maybe provide some useful information.

My stats certainly are nothing to boast about, but at the same time they are not too abysmal, but for some reason, that I dont know, characters with chance based skills are a no go for me because it is effectively guaranteed they will not trigger, so I do not know if after all this time i am still overlooking something or what the deal is/

Also, I openly admit i'm not the brightest spark, but just to be clear yes I am taking into consideration the volume of immune characters used these days that ofcourse cant be chaosed/ slept etc.

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well this was informative, guess I have no choice but to chalk it up to pre-rolled "luck"

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I summarize that the ninjutsu and attack is direct basic damage ... if you attack the enemy ... rl injury works this way. if you attack the enemy sometimes, it comes out red and blue ... but when it comes out red you know that red damage is nin + tai or nin ... when it comes out in blue it means that your injury subtracts the enemy's injury. The result is added to the previous red damage and therefore it comes out blue ... critical ... .. but as I said it is probability sometimes if sometimes not ... but ... but the ninjutsu attacks the resistance ... the ninjutsu is stable I mean you will never lose damage ... while injury is possibility and rounding.

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