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Groupmate's account got stolen.


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  • ⟁Chl0r0f0rM⟁ On 2020-06-17 05:07:41
  • Part 2.

    The way [SilentAssassin ( writes seemed somewhat familiar to me, so I decided to check his profile and browse his post history.

    And I wasn't disappointed when I found this post of his:


    I took a screenshot of his original, unedited message, in case he decides to delete the picture:


    On the picture he posted you can see the number of his server "S556: Roshi, the Four-Tails", which is a part of our merged server.

    That brings us to following:

    There is a player, nicknamed "хХDeathReaperХх" (S556), previously known as "SixPathOfSage" (or something like that), "KnightRider", "ChimMizoreAndChloeLover", and before I continue, I'll just say that I am 10000% convinced that [SilentAssassin and хХDeathReaperХх are the same person.

    I've been dealing with him for 3 years, since the first merge, I can tell that's him by the broken english he "speaks", which can be especially apparent to me by his latest posts in this topic, as well as the words and phrases he used in his other topics & replies.

    But, while that may not provide the absolute proof, I believe that staff should be able to check the servers he plays on & check his accounts to find out if that truly is him or not.

    хХDeathReaperХх is a group mate (senior) and a friend of giorgos. As i've stated in my previous post, he is well aware that the account is stolen, and actively participates in the harassment of my group members & me.


    FOR 3 YEARS, I've been name-called, verbally harassed and spammed by хХDeathReaperХх. He was also spreading lies about me, making them up in his sick head, in order to slander my reputation and insult me.

    I have reported him many times before. I belive, another group member did too, but nothing even remotely serious was ever done about the matter, except him getting a warning or two, that he does not care about & always keeps doing his thing.

    Unlike his mouthy friend, giorgos has learned a lesson of keeping his mouth shut, so for the start, heres a single screenshot of him (on the stolen account) calling my friend "dog". But come on, we all know that means the "B" word:


    Below I will be providing 30+ screenshots that have been taken over the span of the last 4 months or so. There are a few screenshots where a player nicknamed "DeathSoul" is insulting me. That is хХDeathReaperХх's alt account.


    Now, for the screenshots of him participating in the harassment along with giorgos on the stolen account :


    These two (giorgos & хХDeathReaperХх) are always stirring the sh1t up on our server. With that said, this is but a small portion of his "content" from throughout the years, so I ask you to permanently ban хХDeathReaperХх for his long term verbal abuse and inappropriate actions towards me.

    As well as giorgos, when the investigation regarding the stolen account would be complete.


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  • ⟁Chl0r0f0rM⟁ On 2020-06-17 06:16:55
  • This was before the account was taken away from you by Jiao on January 23, 2020.

yes exacly that was my last use of the acc and also she had give it to me forever even if she get it back just because you cry about plundering sry wait plunder is game thing i dont even know why she get it away from me tho yes i m not at this acc g....s means giorgos what??well JIAO can sold it online and idk but i ll message this guy in greek to see if he is greak since u say he has greak telephone

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  • ⟁Chl0r0f0rM⟁ On 2020-06-17 06:47:00
  • There is no "forever" in your case. "Forever" only applies to the original owner , even if she had quit the game. The account was taken from you, for a good reason. Even at that point, you already had a personal grudge against me, due to me kicking your friend хХDeathReaperХх from the group (for obvious reasons) when my old group & the group you two were in merged. When you got the account, you saw the opportunity for revenge, hurting your ex-groupmates in the process. And I surely wasnt going to tolerate that. In the end, it was up to Jiao, and luckily, she made the right (imo) choice and changed the password. And now, after all these months, that video gave you another opportunity, which you had no right to use. Abusing a flawed account recovery dont ge to do that without any consequences.

    And are you really trying to say that it is not you? That there is someone else, who is greek, speaks broken english, quits and then for some unknown reason joins YOUR group, treats me the same way you and your friend would, logs at the same time your own account (giorgos) logs into the game, does events with you & хХDeathReaperХх? All same as you. Well... that is one big coincidence.

    Dont be a clown and pretend, people on the server ain't dumb and see what is going on.

wait so if someone say that he is in chloe acc and that he *ed it just for fun i just give an example here that means i can say to forum to bad chloes acc and when u say u are not tht guy i ll say here are some times that the guy with chloe acc talk as chloe u are right anyone is * here and everyone can see what hapends well i have to saysomething when you get the acc away from me i gave the email too many people and said them that if they recover the acc they can keep it in 1condition even before 25days till someone made it i was giveing the email to strangers well i guess thats my fault but i dont care since the acc was mine 100/100 because owner left he didnt say anythink about pilot the acc not forever or somethink like thatso ye i said to the new owner kill uchiha guys where you see them they are all liers and dogs and cry about things that they do too thouth i m not a guy who will screenshot everytime someone missbehave just to have somethink to say well you have 660k and i would say to u 4words:look at your business

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my only acc i have add is this and i dont defend myself i say that u had no right to cry to the owner to steal the acc back so i have all the rights to get it bak but since i try at the begin and i fail i gavethem email to many school friends and i tell them if they wont to have a strong acc at this game the only thing they have to do is just find th password well i dont say that i cant join the acc but i m not the new owner so stop talk and deal with it stealer you are a thief thats all i dont even know why you think you are right mb the other acc you said i use to defend my self is nightriders i never said him to defend me because he message me about this whole situation when he had messed up

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  • ⟁Chl0r0f0rM⟁ On 2020-06-17 17:17:53
  • Nobody "cried". And no, I had every right to do what I did, because I thought you were mishandling the account you were given. And "no" again, you didnt have the rights to steal it back either. It was never truly yours and it never will be. The only situation when it woud be arguable is if you would have bought the account, but even that falls under the violation of the rules, and is a whole different story from what happened here.

mate since she gave it to me for free and she never said that:if i wont i can get the acc back and i stay with it for 8months so this 8months my original acc had stay back and just because i wanted to do soethink that i like like make a group etc because of making game rules as your friend missere said that i cant accept plunder seems like you guys cant ye after this you said to JIAO to 'steal' the account from the real new owner and give it to others and if my friend had stay to uchiha group u wouldnt even have start this whole thing so your only problem is that you dont accept game rules i talk with nightrider he said the other acc is not him but herei belive you on it because of the regist time

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