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best recruit treasure??


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im saving up seal scrolls to do a "draw ten" just wanted some input or recommendations on which one i should do? im lvl 66 right not so i haven't unlocked all of them but i can wait

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At that level.. maybe time-limited treasures. The one with gaara

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Currently, on this meta stage, most of the Treasures aren't good anymore for the long term playing. For me, it would be better if you will save up your Seal Scrolls for now up until you reach level 70 to open Five-Kage Treasure and Great Ninja War Treasure. Not that I mean, the ninjas from other Treasures are completely useless, they are still good to use at the starting stage up to mid-stage of your gaming. For Five-Kage Treasure, you might want to pull some from this treasure to get Barrier-User Ninjas or some supports and move on to Great Ninja War Treasure. This is only my opinion and the rest of the decision is still yours.

Also, save up Seal Scrolls to 264 pieces at the very least and use it when there's a Limited Recruitment Event where you can get Rebates. Thank you.

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i would just save up till you get to lvl 70 and pull in the gnw treasure for founder madara or limited edo jin treasure it takes like 250 for sr so its up to you really

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