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[ Bugs ] Wtf this customer support... Give me back my rewards...


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Since you have three separate issues I will address them separately in order.
First, I have contacted the devs regarding the nature training issue. Since nature training is well closed for now and not currently active, there is no way to currently test this, so there may be a considerable turnaround time on your issue. For this issue you will need to open a customer service ticket. For the future, you will want to bring this issue to our attention much sooner rather than waiting so long.

Second, being given the wrong skill book is another issue that Customer Support can assist you with. Please open a second, different customer support ticket for this issue. Please remember to open a different support ticket for this second problem.

Here is the link for Customer Support for both issues:

Third and finally, can you please be more descriptive as to the nature of the cheaters on your server? How are they cheating in the Rogue Ninja Outburst event? What are they doing to cheat? What is the result? How are the accomplishing this?
Thank you!

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