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[ Bugs ] Wtf this customer support... Give me back my rewards...


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Wtf is it... Fired all this *** customer supporrts...

All the time, when we wrote to u with bugs / report, this *y support never help..

-My first bug:

In event 'nature training' i was first on server with the maximum number of points form 3 fields... I was 1st in rank.

But on the end of this event i was fuucking 4th... cus this * app sort ours points by alphahetical ranking.... WTF.. Give me back my rewards from my 1st rank Oa$i$...

-My sec bug:

In skill trial i bought skill book to Kankuro for 'chase skill', but I got skill book for 'attack+1'... wtf.. Give me back my 80 frags Kankuro please.

-Raport form our server, where customer support never helped us with it...

In event 'Rogue ninja outburst', we have 3 fuucking * cheaters with speed cheat...We reported this prince of * all the time... Without result...

Soooo... Oasis? Can u read it?

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