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[ Character ] "Bakayaro! konoyaro!" SONG OF THE B >LITTLE B<


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O'KAY! talking about roleplay,

here's one to new-year-bee. >

this man need his juices,

noting down his verses

ain't no rapping like a B,

till the kool is in the key

you ain't no funky daddy, if you ain't ready

let's go~~ Yo!! down N start dancin'

look what's getin me goin, you babies, ooh yea!

R you singing the verses?

lets shake it up baby :Thumbup:

yea music is flowing, in my body~~

B is in the ready, just need to get to C :Reee:

that's right, babes~~ now that's what i'm sayin'

this ain't stoppin! so here goes nothin'g

when i was shy, she told me. . . Not to be!

coz if you do, me too, twas embarassing >_<

but it felt good yea, my first date was she,

well technically, coz i was never ready !!

she was nice, cute, wasnt too bothered by me.

what i like bout she, her aloof-ness-ly,

she smile her way, though not to me.

i watch her sat there, cute and cuddly

didn't felt me lookin, coz she's so carefree!

I'm not asking you, to have faith in me!

that impossible~~ yo but lead me on freely,

coz when I'm sure, I will take the lead to thee.

so Follow me or ride with me !

I want to create me, right to be~

D funky knowlegable - D kool kid is me!

throw me a weaky, i'll return a steady ^_6

in no time you will be ready! XP

love's the game, *.x the play, hola if you see me!

i know it's horny, trust me, it's suppose to be ~

fun in day, & night you know what ~~ D ?

inspirations fill my way, passion in line with T!

get high oh yea! not drunk, to drink the beat >

coz life's on the way, lights not in the way,

just shinning away~~leading the way >

that's all folks, thank you XD !

what's meant to be~ will be,

maybe she is not ready, we'll c!

we'll always see, as we wait patiently :OK: lets be,

Ay why, we ended already !? oh no no, 0_0 sorry~ my baby!

(Inspired by a true story of a Little B)

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