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[ Lineup ] Give some suggestions for teams


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Any main.

I`m interested in lineups most competetive in current meta with some of this ninjas:

Kakuzu EGF (Full Bt)

Kushina Habanero (Full BT)

Madara Edo Release

Summer Kakashi

Edo Minato (Full BT)

Edo Hashirama

Edo Hiruzen

Naruto SOSP

Naruto Ronin (in future xD)

Not have (and not planned to have) - Kimimaro Halloween

I`m opened to all suggestions.

Thank You!

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You should show us your ninjas

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Lets say i have all standart and semipaid ninjas

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Hi mate, i will suggest you three teams, i hope you will like it!!! :D

minato edo

well this team use only if your gaara kazekage is full bt :D, 4 3 4 2 1 - talents, summon gamaken


this is basic team with kushina, its pretty good, you need shikamaru chunin bt and gaara kazekage bt for this team, talents - 4 3 4 1 2, summon: giant katsuyu


and this is last team, its pretty good team with kakuzu, if you dont have itachi edo th*e konan angel of god, and you choose talents and summon :D

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proxy (1)

Round 2 kakashi buffs male units, edo minato will shred, summit madara has a really good chase that ties in with edo minato and you c*so trigger his 20 hit combo. idk about the passives though, you could use what ever you want imo

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