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About this week's events, I received the rewards by opening a thousand keys to the cave, but when I went to my inventory there was nothing there, there were no packages from Mount Myoboku nor the essences of blue artifacts, what should I do?

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First, check if you did what Aca said above. If you already did that, then I advise you to check your inventory thoroughly again. If the said items aren't really in your inventory then please contact us by sending a ticket through Customer Support. Make sure to take screenshots of your Cave Exploration Rebate Event interface and your inventory or some additional proofs that they will need. Thank you.

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You need to spend 1050 keys to get Ultimate essence. After you spend 1050 keys you need to use the points you earned.


If you did all that and you still didint get any rewards you should contact support and explain your problem to them. You can contact them by clicking on ? mark in your upper right corner.

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