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Suggestion for Kabuto [Sennin Mode] BT


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Greetings to all members of the forum.

I bring in this post an idea for Kabuto [Sennin Mode]

Check this out.

Kabuto [Sennin Mode]

Mystery Skill: [Prompt]: Sage Art – Inorganic Regeneration – Destroys all barriers in effect, causes unmissable damage and Interruption to up to 9 of the opponent’s units. The selected unit will suffer from Low Float.

Standart Attack: Bracken Dance - Attacks a random line of opponent’s with high chance of causing Low Float.

Chase: Spider Web Open - Triggered with at least 30 COMBO, causes damage to up to 2 random units, the affected units will also suffer from Immobile and removes Immune to Debuffs until the end of the round.

Passive1: Sage Mode – Increases own Ninjutsu by 1% and Critical by 0, 5% whenever your team recovers Chakra.

Passive2: Body Fluid Spill Technique – This unit has 50% chance to evade enemy attacks.

I would love to read your opinion on these skills.

I'll be back soon with more Ideas,

bye bye.

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Yeah, I agree that Kabuto Sennin need ST. Now a days he doesn't do very well against the current meta. It's a shame, because he was very strong in the anime and I really like him.

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